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A full

Delta Project prototype for special machines and specialized for the realization of industrial items. Skilled technicians team manage different technologies, with the aim to take on every challenge, from a single machined part to complex prototypes (such as machined melt, fiberglass parts, assembly, rotomoulding, vacuum and oven thermoforming, …). We realize the entire creative process starting from the client’s drawing, in synergy with our workshop in order to create the ideal product for every need. The development of our skills during the years and our inclination to look for new field of application let us to realise very complex prototypes, such as agricultural tractors, cabs and automatic industrial machines.


From Idea to the creation (shape) 

Rapid prototyping 

Reverse engineering 

Complex prototypes 

Small-scale prototype production of rotomoulded items 

Prototyping without permanent mould 

 of competence

Rapid prototyping

Reverse engineering

Small-scale series with provisional mould